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About the school
Our Kindergarten is modern; we believe that children should have the opportunity to become passionate about learning from an early age. Our vision is to see our children succeed both inside and outside the classroom. Each child leave us as a well rounded individual who is-

Caring | Reflective | Open-minded | A communicator | A thinker | Resilient | Principled | Ambitious

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September, 14
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Education is changing all the time and we choose to stay up to date with modern practice. Teaching the child to be independent through teaching them life skills. For example our Breakfast club, which will run daily, offers the child the opportunity to become social and more aware of the world around them.

We believe celebrating important cultural dates are very important. It ensures tradition continues and that the younger generation are aware of there own religion and background.

We will have regular celebrations where parents are welcome.
Afternoon school
Everyday program for children 7 - 12 yo
Your children will be introduced to the modern technology. Modern technology education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to make yourself successfull
Language center
Russian, English and Greek languages for children and adults
There are language classes for kids and adults of different ages. In the group of up to 7 people, students study in unique academic programs, including grammar and conversation with the native speaker and the latest technologies in the learning process
Why you should join us?
Our methods of teaching are based on our personal experience and include all modern instruments.
8-10 pupils in a group
Small groups are the best type of educational format for creative and scientific classes.
Individual Approach
Every child is unique and unrepeatable, so we pay attention to each pupil to create individual program.
We usually give materials for homework. But home practice is not a duty for those who have a busy schedule.
Adults attendance
If you are a parent and you are interested in dorections of our workshops, you are able to visit classes with your kid.
Flexible programms
You can pactice one or two clases at the same time. Also you have an ooportunity to change direction at any time.
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Chrysi Savva
I believe teaching is an essential profession and that those in it, along with a schools support staff, have a great responsibility as educators. My approach to teaching is firmly underpinned by my belief that children's experiences of school should be positive and that a primary role of the teacher is to help the pupil become a self-motivated and independent learner. I am committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for all and value the difference that children with a wide range of abilities and cultural experiences can bring to the school environment.

Teaching Approach

I have investigated different classroom practices during my teacher training and my teaching practices. I have found many good approaches to behaviour management and the positive results it can achieve in the classroom. I also have an interest in Accelerated Learning techniques, which I have found to be particularly appropriate for use with Assertive discipline, whilst making significant contribution to developing a stimulating and lively learning environment. My experience and understanding of these approaches to classroom management and learning is that they are extremely effective for developing high self-esteem and independent learning skills, thereby raising overall standards of pupil achievement. As a practicing teacher I hope to continue to develop my understanding of these approaches and would be keen to use this interest to contribute to school development. Relationships with pupils, classroom management skills and a reflective attitude have been identified by colleagues and mentors, as particular strengths demonstrated during my teaching practices.
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